New at Patriot


Bob is now CH Bob

CH Patriot Filigree Copy For Me

Finishes with three majors and a Group Two!!

A special thank you to Erik Strickland for his
superb grooming and handling skills.

New CH and BOB over BIS Specials!
Thank you Mr. Peter Baynes!


Group Two!! Thank you Mr. Eugene Blake


Arnold is NOW CH Arnold!!

CH Ravendune Patriot Games


Arnold after Lehigh Valley Poodle Club



Mr. Colby, my first Golden CH.

CH Honor's N' Dare Power Of Faith


Always Remember 9/11 

Please have your sound on when viewing 9/11


growing up



Miss Rita

Puppies Are Grown Up

What Age?



Colby Kids


OTCH George

Poodle Pedigrees

Puppy Buyers Be Aware

Family Fun



Poodle Pedigrees


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